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I was able to score these two beautiful cast brass locomotives today.  The PA is a cast brass CLW with the nice CLW sprung trucks that have the early(he told me) brass gearboxes and open frame motor.  He polished the shell after stripping the paint off it.  Missing its angled number boxes and the drive shaft between the trucks.  While not the most correct body, I love the heft, love the vintage feel.  I might have it painted into NKP 190 someday, but it looks great in polished brass on the mantle for now.  The other is a Adams and Son EMD FT, no chassis, just a pair of Atwater EMD trucks with no wheels( I had unpowered wheels at home).  I am thinking a shortened All Nation F unit power drive with both trucks powered maybe?  Shell is also cast brass and darn heavy and someone in the past removed the two small fans at the rear of the roof.  The dealer also had a cast bronze PRR GG1 shell, just the bare shell, nothing else, no idea of maker or anything.  I am not able to make the March meet this year, but I am hunting angled number boxes for the PA, Air horns and ideas what the make the drive shaft between the trucks from.  I can source brass wire locally to make up all the missing grab irons.



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That GG1 looks just like it, but his shell had the raised Keystones in place on each side.  I got a frame fitted to the FT and trucks with non powered wheels fitted.  Need to come up with gear driven AN wheel sets with gear towers on each end and a motor for it.  Just wish the previous owner had not filled away the twin radiator fans at the rear of the roof.  With a black roof it wont be to noticiable hopefully.   

well, if you look closely, the raised keystone was ground off. Keep in mind there were a few iterations of the Alexander casting and depending on your source at least the shell was used by Walthers/Baldwin postwar and then later Ed sold it to Duddy.

Here is a Baldwin version, note the raised keystone.


I also have a Duddy Aluminum shell.  Some conjecture over when and who transitioned from bronze shells to Aluminum etc.


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