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Hello ALL ---

I have been very busy the past many months working on quite many new O Scale street cars, a few MU pre-war commuter cars and and quite a number of NY subway car body projects to finish up to completion.   I will post photos of them at a soon later time.

For now, here are some of my New York Central RR pre-war Commuter MU cars I created back in 1987- seen along with a NYCRR S- Class Motor Electric Loco.   Also a few photos of my scratcbuilt back in 1989,  New Haven RR Box Cab Electric Loco with new motor installed, finally running now again , after being a "dead motor" for about 10 years!   And 2 transit car shots at the end - and IRT EL "MUDC" Car with a new IRT R-17 Car

Regards - Joe F - (IRTELMAN)

IMG_6329IMG_6330IMG_6331IMG_6332IMG_6333IMG_6334IMG_6335IMG_6336IMG_6337IMG_6338IMG_6339IMG_6340IMG_6341.  Seen on the EL.   Regards - Joe F (IRTELMAN)


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Hello Guys

(RSJB18 -  MNCW Tom - & Put Div. Peter)

Thanks for the nice words and support.    Tom and Peter, I know you both are NY Central Commuter (and New Haven RR  likely) fans -- as you both well know I am.  I am working on two new NYCRR pre War MU Cars -- Body Shells I have to fully complete (by creating interior, underbody, trucks).  Besides the IRT & BMT -- The NY Commuter Rail (and since 1968, Philly region same) has been a top rail interest of mine.  I take care of that sickness, heh,  via my very long (39' x 15' x 39' x 15') operating HO Scale Layout which features a huge lot of fallen flags Mainline Passenger equipment & locomotives  (LIRR- CNJ -PRR -NYCRR - NHRR - B&O- Reading RR - Metro North and SEPTA.  I would need a small supermarket to do it all twice as large in O SCALE mainline railroading   (40 x 30 x 40 x 30 feet )!  Heh.  So I do it well in HO.  I love running 3 to 5 of my 12 to 16 car Commuter and mainline rail passenger fleets on my long mainlines. See video below

PS: Per the video - I DO have NHRR diesels for my NHRR passenger fleets - heh

regards - Joe F


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