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Yep, pulled the "Tennessean" from D.C. to Monroe beginning in 1941 where it was coupled to a N&W "J" for the trip over the mountains to Bristol. Then, the new E6  "Streamliners" took it to Memphis. Southern didn't want to "waste" a new E6 diesel on the short trip from Washington to Monroe and return. The Spencer-built  Streamlined  #1380 was the perfect promotion for the "Tennessean" as it departed and arrived at D.C Union Station. (at the time N&W would not let Southern have trackage rights for a  E6 led "Tennessean" Monroe to Bristol, thus Spencer streamlined the #1380 which was already being shopped and which did not have an Elesco feedwater heater which would have interfered with the build).

The Tennessean it is a great train to model, one gets to use power from two railroads and two eras--steam and diesel. 

Thank you!  I think Ive seen MTH offer this paint scheme.   Not sure if the used the same number. 



Anything can be accomplished, with proper funding. 

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Hmm. Do you know where this was taken?

With the angle of the track at the depot and the row of brick buildings between the depot at the crossing, I'd almost think this was Johnson City, TN, but I don't think there was ever a tall building like the one in the background.

Yep, sure looks like it. Thanks!

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A few,



Ron, thanks for posting this.  When the Freedom train was touring the country.  It came to my home town and the Southern Railway brought a replica of the Best Friend of Charleston and ran it on the Southerns siding.  I couldn't ride the BFoC but they did let me sit in the engineers seat while they were firing it up. I've got a video of that somewhere.



Hi Steve,  I got to talk to one of the engineers that drove the Best Friend.  In 2000 became the Quality Manager for a hose manufacturer near Spencer, NC.   Along with manufacturing  sanding hoses we made air brake hose assemblies.  Anyway for some reason related to the test procedures needed to talk with the feds on the testing procedure 

Agencies' rep called me back.  After discussing and OK-ing to procedure he started asking question about the Spencer area including "Steve's" BBQ.  Naturally had to ask how he knew so much of the area.  That is when he told me he use to drive the "Best Friend" and was the driver when last in Spencer at the NCTM (former Spencer Southern Shops).

Sure wish I was around here then.


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