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After testing the Lionel UP #6-28039 on my Atlas 3 rail test track, it occurred to me once again that the tender, (regardless of how correct it might be), has always looked a little big for an engine this size. (It measures 35 1/2 feet end to end.)

Here is an eBay photo of the engine and tender:


I thought it might be kinda cool to have more of a "short line" type of look, so I dug around my stuff to see what I could come up with.

I tried an All Nation Ten wheeler tender; it looked "okay", but I think it might be a little small (25 1/5 feet):

AN tender

I then remembered the 1666 I've had for years; this has a #2466T tender (29 feet):

Lionel tender

Unbelievably, I think I like this option the best. If I went with this, I would get an unlettered shell, fabricate some sort of frame, mount some scale trucks and a Kadee coupler, of course.

What do YOU think?

Mark in Oregon


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That is not a big tender. THIS is a big tender:

Especially in late steam days when coaling and watering facilities were being closed, big tenders were needed. Many a loco gave up its smaller original tender for a larger one that had belonged to a larger engine that was scrapped. Auxiliary water cars were also used to extend range. If you are modeling the steam to diesel transition period, your existing tender might be the best fit.

Depending on your curvature, I might try to shorten the gap between engine and tender. You could also consider adding a deck plate between the two--.010 styrene, perhaps.

Personally, I think the 1666 tender with its giant coal space looks like it belongs behind an NYC Niagara or something. It definitely says "NYC" to me, and doesn't fit that UP loco. Not to mention you are converting your oil burning UP to coal.

But, hey, it's a hobby. Do what YOU like.

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