Wondering how to correct this .   On the handheld Legacy controller, the center keys on the touch screen do not respond, ie 2, 5, 8.  I can not enter engines by touching these numbered keys. When I scroll they can be found and operate except for icons in the center line of keys.  Running version 1.3 which I know is old. Any suggestions? 




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This is why I am not an electronics person. At this point in life i rather do other things than learn. However the fix was very basic and rather embarrassing. All it took was new batteries. The battery meter showed one bar but I guess it wasn't accurate. Thankfully all is well and thanks again for the help.



Hi, Guys !

I'm not use my Cab#2 since 1 year ago ! But when I went to use I have the same problem with touch screen numbers by colum 2.

Now I have been contact with the Lionel by e-mail but I not sucess with a return !

Is there a local where I can to fix? Or to buy parts?

Thanks !

Leandro Garcia

Enzo Ville

Brazil - São Paulo



gunrunnerjohn posted:

When the battery meter is showing one bar, it is time to change the batteries.


Not exactly true. I have used a cab-2 with rechargeable batteries all the way down to no bars and the backlit was still on. Even went to where is was no bars and then the backlit would not come on. THEN, it was time to change the batteries. 😀

Ted Bertiger, President

Ocean County Society of Model Railroaders Lakewood, N.J.



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