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I have heard that "The Hoosier Traction Meet" in Indianapolis, Indiana (1st week of September) has been cancelled.  This will be the first time that there meet  will be cancelled.   It was caused by some person at the Motel not looking to see if the rooms were already booked and they booked someone else for the rooms.  I received a Postcard the other day about the cancellation.   As it turns out, the Hoosier Traction Men were sort of glad that the meeting hall was not available because of the virus and quite a few of the men are quite mature, so they do not know how many men would even show up.   Try next year.

I wrote a blog in this Transit Forum some months ago about the Cincinnati Bell Connector Streetcar.   Seems that many of you gave the Cincinnati Bell Connector Streetcar a lot of Negative write-ups.  It is a free country and you may say what you wish.  Here is a quote that appeared in my latest Cincinnati Transit Historical Association Bulletin, June 2020:  CINCINNATI STREETCAR---"Not satisfied with their negative commentary of April 5th, 2020, The Cincinnati Enquirer (newspaper) devoted an entire PAGE to TRASHING the streetcar on April 26, 2020.  Now it seems the editors want it permanently SHUT DOWN and are asking local congressmen to petition the federal government to forgive the $50 million or so that we put into it.  Otherwise, the city will have to start running the streetcar or pay back the money.   On a positive note, the remaining streetcar staffers are running one car several trips a day over the route to keep the line in shape.  Passengers?  CERTAINLY NOT! "   --- My comment -- I did not know that the Cincinnati Enquirer ran our streetcar? Now you guys are not the only ones who dislike our beloved Streetcar. the hateful mayor, his council, tv stations, and newspapers have nothing nice to say. 

Now possibly some good news:  (revised 6/18/2020) -- Netflix has nothing to do with the Cincinnati Bell Connector Streetcar.  The "Cincinnati Council" will take over the streetcar and its operations.  They will work out plans to streamline the streetcar operation and also to promote it.  They are trying to get a Federal Government Aid to continue funding the streetcar and even try to get it expanded.   It is nice to know that the Cincinnati Council has taken an interest in the streetcar as it is one of the most modern conveyances that has come to Cincinnati, Ohio.   Stay tune for more information.  It looks like the City will get the streetcar running very soon.   

Kansas City, MO -- The Kansas City Streetcar Authority is ready to begin pre-construction work on the Main Street extension.  About $7 million has been allocated for the 3.6 mile extension.  In addition to more local funding, the authority is seeking $174 million in federal funding.  Construction is expected to begin in early 2022.   My comment -- Kansas City has the exact CAF Streetcars as Cincinnati, Ohio.  The got there 4 initial CAF Streetcars by tacking on their order when Cincinnati placed there order for their original 5 cars.  Besides all of this, Kansas City has bought 2 more CAF Streetcars to bring there fleet up to 6 cars.  

Also, the Cities of Newport, Kentucky and Covington, Kentucky (located right across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, Ohio) are still in "discussions" about making a circle route with their so called streetcar and connecting it to the Cincinnati, Ohio Streetcar.   Wishful thinking.

Boston is just about ready to open the new seven station Lechmere Extension of the light-rail streetcar.  They have purchased about 26 new CAF Streetcars to run this new line.  This will be the first streetcar extension in Boston since the 1950's. 

Also, none of the E and F PCC Streetcar Lines and the Cable Cars in San Francisco are operating because of Covid-19.  Diesel buses have been substituted.  The trolley buses, light-rail subway, Bart, Caltrains and diesel buses are operating.

Philadelphia (SEPTA) has pulled all the PCC Streetcars off of the 15-Girard Streetcar Line.  Buses have taken there place.  This is due to construction work on the streetcar line and the cars need to be rehabilitated.  It will be interesting to see if they really bring back the PCC Cars.  SEPTA has a reputation of disliking anything that runs on a rail! 

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