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I built several G scale engines (5??). Almost all of them were never finished. I either don't have the time, or don't have the money. Right now, I don't have spare time.

I'm asking here if anyone can make me the fans on top of the EMD SD80/90MAC in 1/32 scale. I usually make up something or copy another part. I don't have the time right now. I need to make a lot of parts and this seems like a perfect thing for a small print job. Truck side frames, detail parts, etc., still need to be made.

I believe there are 3 cooling fans on the rear radiator. There is also a large brake fan. I started on that a year ago. The fan cover had bubbles in the cast and ruined the finished product. I could repair it but it maybe easier to make a whole new one too.

Anyways if anyone is interested in getting involved before I purchase my own printer and have to learn how to even use it, help me out!

Let me know a price for  the 3, or +4th, fans.

I realize this is a pain. There are good pics online that aren't mine to see the fans in. There are these exact parts readily available in the smaller scales too. That drives me nuts that they won't even consider making larger ones. I can't even contact some makers as it's not allowed.

Joe Paonessa

jwpcfv (at symbol)

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so I looked on the MTH and the Lionel sites for parts or pics of the fans and no luck. Urrggg.

(EMD) G scale engine CR (NS) SD80MAC build | O Gauge Railroading On Line Forum (


I found a picture of the real one online the other day. I can't share the pic so I tried to find where the site was today and now I can't find it!

something like this one

Cannon - Thinwall EMD 48" Radiator Fans pkg(3) - 9-Blade Version for all GP/SD39s & Early SD45s - 191-1703 (


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here's a great pic at an angle though

SD90MAC Radiator Fans | The Atlas Rescue Forum (

and a brass model

omi sd80mac fans - Bing images

I made my own casting a year ago and the bubbles wrecked it!


BTW I believe the 3 cooling fans will be just under 1 3/4" at the widest part of the round base. Maybe like 1.7"?

I believe they are 48" (O.A. of the fan shell) fans but there's several posts claiming they are 52" fans. 48" would be 1.5" overall on the outer fan shell.

The dynamic brake fan is about the same overall. I'll have to post all the dimensions I believe to possibly help get these made.


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I'm getting help for a couple people here. Thank you to you all. I just got down from putting up Christmas lights!

I think another Dennis is printing me a set of cooling fans for the SD45 type.

Alan: Maybe .34 thick? for the dynamic fan splines. The wide question threw me? They run from the center to the outer edge.

Can I send you a pic of the real one?

Dennis: per email

The cooling fan has a metal band around the outside that measures around .135" tall on the MTH from the bottom circular fan plate so that would be .2025" in 1/32 scale. The metal grill (round circles of steel rods with the splines) sits on top of that measurement.



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@AlanRail posted:


I have numerous engines with roof fans;

is there an MTH or Lionel engine that has roof fans sized similar to the ones you want?

Also where to you want the fans' edge flange?

Are the fans to be installed on top or pushed in underneath?

I can make the fan blades as part of the roof fan inside underneath.

I think I can make them rotatable.

1) No. I need 1/32 scale cooling fans ideally.

Most available Lionel and MTH parts are O scale. They are about 1/3 smaller??

2) The fans (housings) would sit on top of the engine.

Some fans in G scale, have two piece housings. The blades are trapped inside and spin. Most all are in 1/29 scale and only USA trains are available that I know about.

I don't care if they spin or not.

The dynamic brake should be 1/32 scale also. I tried to recast the USA trains version which is 1/29 scale.

MTH # is 20-20432-1 | MTH ELECTRIC TRAINS (

Their fans appear to be glued in place so I'd have to break them free.

I have not made the cooling fan holes yet but I would guess that they'd be 1 3/8".

I did make a hole for the dynamic fan that's just over 1 7/8" (+1/16"?) across. I expected to use the USA cast I made that's in 1/29 scale. I can easily redo that hole in a new plate for 1/32 scale so I can model it correctly and add the little details around it.

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the existing hole for the dynamic fan is 48.32mm wide or 1.902 inches.

the new center cooling fan hole measures exacly 1.4" or 35.56mm. I will add 2 more holes next.

Again, I can remake a new hole whatever size is needed. It would be nice to have the dynamic fan closer to the correct dimension, whatever that is.

The issue is, as you should well know, using carpentry tools on plastic can lead to oversized or elongated hole sizes. I have a 1 3/8" bit for the cooling fan holes. I just went to drill them and can't find the arbor. I left it wherever I did the last job and I'm ****ed off about that. I'm busier than I've ever been and I'm handicapped to boot. I'd like to spend more time and effort on making something to be proud of.

I consider myself a decently capable worker and try my best to do what's needed to get the job done reasonably. I have worked in many fields and with many different skilled people. I usually bend to work with their personality traits and just get the job done. When it's a toy like this, I just expect a decent level of quality and not perfection. So I state all this so you know where I'm coming from.

I didn't mean for anything stated so far, to lower the reputation of anyone getting involved in this. I realize with public posts, comes reactions from the sideline fans that can be less than flattering. I have been bashed so many times for attempting things that haven't come out perfect, and then wasting people's time trying to share the results. A certain G scale forum troller comes to mind for past attacks at my skill level. His true skills are yet to be revealed. His bullying personality has been.

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I don't see any issues here... I think you are doing a fine job.  You are one heck of a modeler in my book.  There are precious few that have your skill-set and dogged determination.   I thank you for teaching people how to properly communicate their ideas, engage in this process and effectively help themselves and others become much better modelers.  Rock On Joe!

Dennis, I can't express just how much I appreciate your help. That statement above, blew me away!

& now I find my arbor! (for the hole saws). It was in my hole hawg case that I had already checked in. The bit rolled up under the drill and out of site. When I went back inside and grabbed the drill, something bit me and I knew at that very second, I found the bit and arbor.

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I would like to state that for anyone who wants to attempt a scratch build, just do it. You'll find out quickly what you're good at. You can fine tune your skill set. If you built a model when you were younger, done any woodworking, electrical, etc., your skills will come in handy.

Some parts of the build are harder than others. It will change for each person around where their talent lies. I have built several engines now. None are complete. I get joy out of running each one. When I do run them, I'm reminded where I left off. They don't have to be complete to enjoy them. You will get better with every attempt.

Finally, this forum is very helpful. I have been on forums where I was attacked for no good reason. There is no way I could state all the help I've gotten here over the years.

I come here, and enjoy every minute of it. So ask for help when needed and you'll be surprised just how much you'll get. That's why I belong here. That's why I try and pay it forward!!!

A couple of other details about the process here.  There have probably been around 30 private emails defining and clarifying what needs to be done and how to get there.   We try to post the more relevant information and offer encouragement as a means of demonstrating how to proceed.   One awesome benefit of this build is that, while not requested... Alan, cooked up some Rotating Fans that actually rotate while he was at it!

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eng joe fan 1 with dim

getting into the final run-through of fan 1 before printing.

The hole diameters are 1.902" and 1.4". I dont know the plastic shell thickness.

But the fan grill will extend 0.17" above the shell and from the top of the grill to the bottom of the fan blade is 0.44"

OK with those dimensions??

ALSO note the insertion lip in the upper right to aid in centering the fan in the hole.


Images (1)
  • eng joe fan 1 with dim

Also Alan (Alanrail) got involved and custom made some fans on his resin printer that were in exact 1/32 scale. He asked for a picture when they were installed and painted. I was so impressed just how well they're made and even in the packaging, I wanted to share them first raw, if he doesn't mind!

I will post again when I have a finished product.



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