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I have had several failures of the drawbar between engine and tender on my MTH PS2 and PS3 locomotives.  I run long trains and have a grade, and evidently the tension and compression breaks the fine wires imbedded in the drawbar.

So why doesn't someone offer an "auxiliary drawbar" in the several standard lengths that MTH now offers?  The aux drawbar could not be very thick, and a thin and flexible drawbar made from a non conductive material such as textolite or ? could be installed on the bottom of the two posts (one circular and one "semi-rectangular") that presently connect the wireless drawbar, with no change in other hardware.  Dimensions would be critical, and designed so the aux drawbar would accept one half (or more) of the load on the current wireless drawbar.  Objective would be to eliminate this failure mode on MTH steam locomotives, since I suspect that the presently available MTH drawbar supply will dry up with MTH exiting.

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Critical dimensions indeed!  Trying to exactly match the MTH drawbar and share the load sounds like a fool's errand!

A better plan would be to make the drawbar that would carry the load and just do a thinner PCB with the connectors to carry the electrical connections, and it would have a larger hole so that it wasn't trying to share the load.

However, I'm the same as Bob, this is a failure mode that I haven't seen, and I get to see a lot of broken MTH stuff.

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