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Just finished building this set of American Freedom Train streamlined passenger cars from my Lee Lines stock. Painted to match the original (and my new/old stock built) Lee Lines GS4. About 22 of them were built by Dana Barlow in the 70's, I have delivered 3 new ones. This set goes to an owner of an original - will show at the SGMA breakfast Friday morning at York.

As far as I am aware (someone correct me if they know better), Dana never made Freedom Train cars to match the locos. I didn't think he made subway cars either, but I found a post of a set of 3 in G gauge (I have nose castings, and the cars are made from the same extrusions as these cars).



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  • AFT cars front end
  • AFT cars back end
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BlueComet400 posted:

Nice looking cars, Jim! Is SGMA going to be operating at York?



Hey John,

No, SGMA will not be at York this time. Possibly in the future. They don't make it easy, SGMA set up back in the late 2000's, the very first meet for the group. Was a thrill to run my 408 with over 20 200 series cars around the nice wide outer loop. They have run up to 60 since then.


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