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I just finished re-configuring the layout with all trains running smoothly... life is beautiful!

Then, THIS!


6-82534 NYC 5429 J3a. I cannot figure out which part it is on Lionel's site... heck, I cannot figure out if it's a screw/pin/bushing even with all the visual magnification I have laying around here.

HELP!  Someone, Please, Call the OGR Rescue Squad!


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It's always a 10 cent part, like a pin, that fails in an expensive product and that the manufacturer doesn't sell.   :-(

I think a lot of things like this are just considered "supplies" by a manufacturer, that it buys in bulk, and not a part.

When you get this sorted out, please post how you solved the pin issue, as I think many folks would be interested.  I can't image how one would fabricate a pin.

Perhaps a stainless steel nail, inserted so that the head of the nail is on the inside of the rods, with the protruding end that comes out of the connection being cut short and peened with a hammer, so it is like a rivet, or threaded using a die, so that a tiny nut can be screwed on the outside and secured with lock-tight  red.   

But of course, I have been accused of being Rube Goldberg.  :-)


So, I finally got back upstairs... put on 2 pairs of 2.5x cheater glasses then peered through the articulated 5x LED magnifier and was able to confirm that it is a peened pin.   I ordered the Eccentric Crank Assembly but I'm going to go on the hunt for a handful pins now that I am paranoid about the eccentric crank.   I inspected the rest of my Newish Legacy Steamers and found that they have the same pin... not screws.  On all of my older post war steamers those are screws... not pins.  Your experience may differ.

Thanks to all who chimed in!!!

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    Since so many Legacy steamers have this "pin", why not call Lionel repair service and ask for a couple?   Or, find someone who repairs Legacy steamers for a living, and call and ask him where he gets them? 

    In my experience, for something like this, many folks would just put two or three in an envelope and mail them to you for free.

     I don't think that you are going to have much luck searching through parts lists. 

    You could make a pin out of brass rod, but it may just wear through at the flatten overlap points where you peened it.

    Probably two hours on the phone will get you the pins, if you call enough people.  :-)


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