Sorry for the few stupid Legacy questions.......

Let me start with sorry if these were covered and missed them, but just rolled into Legacy as I have been with DCS for years now and have a few little questions maybe because I'm still thinking in  MTH mode.

 1- As soon as I power the tracks, the engine lights come on is that correct? I know on  DCS they don't until start up.

2- Is there anyway through the remote to shut off the headlights? I know ditch lights and cab can but headlights?

3- On my remote the train brake slider is extremely easy to move almost the slightest touch to blowing on it can move it, it that normal or should it be a bit stiffer?

4- Lastly is there a way to lower or increase engine and brakes sounds separate from crew talk?


Thanks in advance for the help.




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AUX2 turns the headlight on/off when you are addressing the engine. Try that and see if it turns back on after you turn the track voltage off and on. I don't recall.

The train break is sloppy and always the subject of answers to "why won't my engine move?"

The sound up/down buttons #1/#4 operate on different groups of sounds when you press AUX1 first or not.



1. It depends on the model. Legacy locos made in recent years the lights will be off.

Tmcc and first Gen legacy from 2007 -to about 2010 or so? the lights will be on.

2. The aux-2 button will shut of the headlight but it will default to on when the Loco is shut down and powered back up.

3. That is normal.

4.Provided this is a 2010 or newer unit: Vol up Vol up, Vol up.... raises the overall volume.

Aux1 Vol up, Aux1 Vol up, Aux1 Vol up....raises the background sounds i.e. diesel engine rumble etc.

Earlier units the volume control on the Loco is the overall volume and the remote level is the background.

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Under your Legacy control, if you ever have an engine that starts up and won't move when you turn the dial, check the brake slider! My grandson has gotten me with that a few times. He uses the brake and I don't. Getting a little wiser now though...

As cjack says, the brake slider is a fairly common cause of the problem when the engines won't go. Others above have done much better than I could have on the rest of questions.

Thank you guys for the quick replies and ensured that everything is normal. Ricko thanks that vol adjustment did the job perfectly.  I believe it is a 2010 model engine, need to look it up. The train brake slider works great just a little sloppy loose. I think it's really cool some of the features and combining it with my DCS makes a nice well rounded collection at our finger tips. Thanks again.

Tanner111 posted:

Does anybody know if you can change and save the EFX level for an engine?  I usually turn them up but I have to do it every time I start up an engine

Good point I noticed that as well every start up I have to change the engine levels again. Is there a way to save the adjustments, I know DCS saves on exit so do we need the writable module installed in the cab to save the feature adjustments?

Volume Levels of the EFX or the amount of labor EFX? My post above was based on the level of EFX and not the volume of the EFX but after re-reading I thought I'd just rewrite in just in case you meant level of EFX and not volume.  There are too many variables to the level of EFX including train brake, acceleration and deceleration, speed, and even now the force coupler.

The volume is explained by Rudy above. Rudy is the guy that knows.

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