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The newer Lionel battery powered Ready To Play sets are no longer G Gauge, they are #2 gauge. What idiot dreamed that up. On the plus side a little bit of regauging the wheels allows them to run on STD Gauge track. Here’s a couple of Santa Fe sets combined. Not really tinplate, not really scale but a fun hybrid.



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WOW, outdoor railroading just got easier and affordable* too!  The sound isn't bad either!

* Compare the price of these F units to LGB.  The detail isn't all that bad either.  LGB is Dead; Long live LGB. 

LGB died the day the factory in Nuremberg closed it's doors for the last time.  In my case, I call a spade a spade.  Märklin may still be producing large scale trains under the LGB banner, however it's NOT LGB in my book, nor will it ever be!

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