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I recently purchased the B&O F3 dealer appreciation set, 20-80004a.
I replaced the white battery with a green nimh battery. I externally charged it. My problem is that the sounds are real low and somewhat garbled. The “info” screen in DCS also shows low battery even though I know it’s not. Everything else works fine, smoke, cruise, couplers. It’s just the low sound and low battery. I did try a new 9v battery and there is no difference
Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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Thanks, I will not.
I have a question about the replacement. It comes with black/red wires and the original are yellow/white. When I splice the new speaker wires to the MTH plug, does it matter which wires on the speaker connect to the MTH plug? As in red of new to white or yellow of MTH plug. Thanks

It doesn't matter for a single speaker.  Typically, the yellow wire goes to the + terminal on the speaker.

2032 - Regarding your concern about the battery strength, you may want to consider replacing the battery with a Battery Component Replacement (aka BCR) and then you'll never have to replace the battery ever again.  Just power up the engine in idle - at more than 10 volts - for 1 minute BEFORE each operating session and off you go!

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