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The second ZIP file is the chain files for the locomotive, the FLASH code.  It sets a lot of the operating characteristics of the locomotive.  If the chain file is already loaded and everything works, you may not have to load it.  However, what we need to know is exactly what you're loading the sound file into and if it's a different locomotive than it was intended for.

If you want to load the chain file, you use the FLASH feature on the DCS Loader and just point to the second ZIP file that was inside the one you downloaded.  The loader will unpack the files and handle the loading.

Note that you'll need to do several restarts from power down after loading a new chain file.  You also have to wait for the beep codes and make sure the load went correctly.  The good and bad flash code beeps are attached.  You'll hear beeps when you shutdown after loading and again when you power back up.  Also, you may not hear the beep codes if you load the same version of FLASH that is already in the unit, but do a couple power cycles anyway.

I find it takes several power cycles after I load the FLASH and sound files for PS32 steam before the smoke unit starts working properly.  Don't know why that is, but it is.


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