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Ok, I’ve got a Ps2 3v diesel, that from the factory appears to have the wrong software. It shows on the options list, options that are not on the loco, example ditch lights, and options such as marker lights not listed that are on the loco. Question is would the correct sound file and re-flash for that particular loco fix the option problem?

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Simple answer no.

Flashing the same sound file, without first seeing what options are in that sound file- is a waste of time.

Whatever boxes are checked are going to show up when you add the engine.

Remember, you must delete your old engine from the remote or app and re-add it in order for such changes to a sound file to have updated- the remote only knows that during the add engine process and negotiation with the engine.


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Let start off by saying, the unit is wired for both ditch lights and market lights. The shell that came on it from the factory has only headlights, number board, marker and interior. What is shown on the soft keys, was number board, interior, ditch and auxiliary. The auxiliary and interior control just the interior lights. No marker at all. When testing the spring board the ditch light option works just fine, even though the unit has no ditch lights. Now I did change the sound file to that unit matching the correct item number. After a successful download, it was still the wrong soft keys. I then down loaded another unit. That was similar and got the correct soft key options. But the marker lights do not work. Actually I do not use marker lights and this problem is really making a mountain out of a mole hill. I was just trying to figure out the software that’s loaded on it from the factory. I am sure they goofed up somewhere along the line. This is just an older SD50 ps2 3 volt that is new that has been sitting and has not been used. (Yes I put a BCR in it, before messing with it) at this point unless some others chime in with a possible solution, it might just be advisable to leave well enough alone.

Thanks H1000, first off I down loaded the wrong item number, but I did get the right one loaded. It’s showing the correct keys as you show, but still no market lights, but if you test the ditch light board they work fine. It looks more like they got the wrong chassis put under the shell and boxed it according to the shell. It’s my fault for not checking it out further when new, instead of letting it set. It’s got the main functions that I use, so I’ll just let it go. Thanks for the help.

@GGG posted:

Did MTH make a Swinging Bell Feature?  FSB?  G

FWIW, I asked about this earlier and was trying to find out information since it exists in the sound file structure. I cannot seem to find what output it might be using and how it works, but apparently- again, they found a setting in the sound file.

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