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"HONGZ" stands for HO scale, N scale, G scale, and Z scale.

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I have a handsome MTH Santa Fe F7 'Yellowbonnet' AB pair that I acquired last year at a show. They appeared to be New Old stock and unrun. I took them to a friend's house this morning to try them out. He programmed them using his NEC (?) handheld with #3 and they each started moving with throttle but neither unit's sound came on. Would not respond to horn or bell but would start, stop, and reverse to the DCC signal. The A operated very smoothly but the B was erratic and would stop, then start again and would not go any faster when he advanced the throttle to step 28.

Am not very familiar with HO operation and DCC but the several times when I have run some of mine, the sound always came on immediately.  He ran a Walthers NS F9 which behaved normally so I must assume his system is ok.  Any ideas? Is there some setting that needs to be performed before initial operation if these are indeed 'new'. As these are completely independent of each other, it seems odd that they would both be 'defective'. I'm hoping that something else is affecting them



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Try pressing F6 a couple of times, that sets the volume.  If I recall correctly, (don't quote me) the bell and horn volume are independent of the F6 volume control.

Were you using Programming On Main or a programming track?  I have only limited experience with MTH DCC, but I found it to be a little finicky.  It took me several attempts to shut off the bell and horn in my B-unit using Programming On Main.

Setting CV55 to 55 will do a full factory reset.


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