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Hello and thanks for welcoming me aboard. This is the forum to go to for all my train wants, needs, ideas and most importantly , answers...

I recently purchased a mid 70's 8603 4-6-4 w/ C&O sound of steam tender .  The sound did great at first but I read to replace the foam insulating pad which I did with thin cork.. In cleaning the old foam debris, I may have inadvertently caused a malfunction. Now when I run it with the 8603, it seems to take power from the Loco so much I do not run it. When I bench test the tender, it works fine. Just an issue with power or ground  backfeeding to the Loco.  I noticed 2 tiny diodes in the beginning of the circuitry. I'm wondering if 1 of them is letting ground, common?, back to loco? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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@RoyBoy posted:

So it worked before you replaced the foam, correct?

See if any of the wires broke off while handling the board. You did not replace the foam with the power on, did you?

Does it work with the tender shell off?

Ant chance of publishing a picture of the board in the tender?

No sir. I removed board from tender. Only 2 wires. The main lead from Loco. and common which are still connected to board. Neither are broken.  When bench tested, it works good.  Only when it is plugged up to Loco. it still works but it takes power from Loco. Or shorts out power to loco motor so that it has hardly any power.. I thought maybe a diode on the board is leaking back to the loco... The loco runs fine with the tender unplugged.. The board is out of the tender now.. I will send a pick of it..


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  • tender sound board  for 6-8603 set

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