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I have a Lionel UP SD40-T2 6-28540 and I put it on the track and the sounds don't work all I get is a static sound from it. The engine moves and the couplers open but I can't figure out how to correct the sounds. I've done a reset and checked the speaker to see if the wired are attached. I have 2 of the same locomotives and I'm wondering if I should try swapping out the boards from the good engine to see if that helps. Has anyone had a similar issue with an engine and how did you correct it.  I'm hoping to get this figured out while Lionel is having their parts sale if I need to order a part to repair it. Thanks Gary

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The static sounds are a classic issue.  Top suspect is actually oxidation of the contacts on the two RailSounds PLCC chips on the sound board.  Reseating them fixes many of these issues.  I do this once or twice a month on repairs that come in.

One warning.  Do NOT try to pry these out with anything but the proper PLCC Chip Extractor tool.  You can search for one on Amazon, they start around $5 with Prime shipping if you have it.


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Hi I have a Lionel LC+ Hudson that is 2 years old it makes a strange sound when I first turn it on. All the normal sounds work just fine but the strange sound keeps going. As soon as the loco runs at at a normal speed the odd sound stops and all the normal sounds work fine.Do I have to replace the sound boosrt or is there a fix for this? Let me know. Thanks


Wayne I opened my locomotive that I was talked about in the first post I put here I just removed all the boards and cleaned them and the motherboard and reseated them. That took care of all my sound issues that I was having. I also had the same problems with another SD40-T2 6-28225 SP #8521 so I did the same thing with it and that took care of all the sound problems with that locomotive also. I hope this helps you also with your issues.


John the locomotive that I have has a 691R2LCC08 R2LC / R4LC / RADIO RECEIVER (C08 CODE) and a 691RSPRA00 RAILSOUNDS     4E / SPSF SD-40T-2 #8521 and a 691RSPRA00 RAILSOUNDS POWER BOARD / UNIVERSAL they are all attached to the Motherboard. The Railsounds boards in no longer available from Lionel. All I did was remove them and clean them and reinstall them and that corrected my issues with all the sounds.


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