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The last time I ran this set was in 2019. Everything OK. Today, no sounds. Here's what I did to try to diagnose/fix the issue.  First, I turned the volume POT to full. Nothing. I then reprogrammed per the manual to "restore features."  No sound.  I reprogrammed a new TMCC ID#.  No sound. I pulled out the guts of the car and as was suggested in another thread, pulled and reseated the 3 circuit boards: Radio Rcv'r; Railsounds; and the Railsounds Power board.  Nothing.  I think the RC/LC must be OK because it responds to commands to reprogram the ID and it will respond to lights on/off commands...nothing else. I then looked in the Lionel parts's listed but "Unavailable".  I'm considering maybe the Railsounds Power Board (691RSPRA00) may be the culprit..(Well I hope so sine the sound board is unavailable) but it costs $40.00.  Oh, I've performed all these steps on the layout using a Cab-2 and then again on my test track using a Cab-1. I didn't think it would matter...I was right, it didn't. The only other step I think may be useful is to pull the chips and reseat them. Don't want to attempt that unless that is a logical next step at this point.  Is there anything else I should try?  Oh, also, anyone know of a source for these sound boards?  Thanks.

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I'd be looking at the speaker and the pot first, then just play swap with the two RailSounds board to an engine or tender.

Ed, Golden gate trains, has sound kits for roughly 100.oo bucks.  Scott Mann's sites.. Might be the easy fix for the problem....

You're dreaming, this is a Station Sounds Diner with a very specific sound set.  I'm an ERR Dealer and I can assure you ERR has nothing for this application!

Gents, I checked the POT and the speaker.  Both checked out...only thing left, I guess, is the sound card unless the Railsounds power board (691RSPRA00) be faulty, or since the car responds to TMCC commands to turn lights on and off and I can change the TMCC ID# mean it's OK?  I've not yet swapped sound boards. I want to be sure the power board cannot fry a different sound board (if that's possible). So, my next move will be based on your advice.  Thanks for your help.

John, with all the poking and prying I did, I thought I'd give it another shot....powered it up, and sounds returned!!!  Not sure why, but I'll take it!  Thanks again for your help. The steps you suggested to include removing and cleaning connections together with removing the speaker and soldering, etc., must have been the fix.  Thanks again for your guidance. I'll see if it stays "fixed" once I button it up. 

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