Looking for an O scale 3 rail 4-6-2 pacific steam engine close to the enclosed picture. I know I will have to change the sand domes. I bought some k-line pacifics but the boiler is tapered as are most Lionel and MTH. Are there any older sunset models with the correct boiler? Thanks, Don


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What Palallin said.  With those turn-of-the-century high domes, I would start with a 4-6-0 or even a 2-8-0.  Detail and decal it for the GN, to look like the loco in the picture.  As to the wheel arrangement, a chassis transplant will take more than just a Dremel tool and some bondo.  So I would squint hard and use your imagination!

Creep, coast, and pull.  We're not talking about cold fusion here.

There are brass boilers and partial brass locomotives that appear on eBay. I've bought a couple. Combining one of these - that is, one that at least approximates the basic shape you need, and, if you are lucky, some basic features, like a Belpaire firebox - with a chassis will probably be your best bet. Depending on the basic dimensions you need, even a 3RO traditional- or RK-sized 4-6-2 might do. The prototype appears to be a smaller loco, and the RK (etc.) loco would probably be cheaper than a full-scale loco.  Discard the factory superstructure and adapt the brass. The tender is a box tender, and could be plausibly adapted from a production piece.

Stephenson Preservation has detail parts.

Perhaps a PRR K-4 Pacific (Traditional? 1:48?) could be used in its entirety - it has a Belpaire firebox, but needs all sorts of changes otherwise, of course, (The detailing is the fun part, though.)

Compromise is important.

The 3rd Rail High Iron K4 is a little large for the GN locomotive you are looking to replicate.  Also, GN's design of the Belpaire fire box is a bit different than the PRRs.  GN's appear to be a little boxier than the PRR versions.  It looks like the drivers are somewhere perhaps in the 65" range?  Just a guess.  As other posters have mentioned, an older AHM body with modifications and detailing mounted to a traditional sized chassis for the motor and main drivers might be the best route.  You can always change the pony trucks out.  Cool that this little Pacific had a booster engine on it.  Definitely worth capturing in one way or another. 

Another route that has been suggested might be to search for an older 2 rail brass donor as a starting point. 

However you figure it out, that is a nice small Pacific that would be great for smaller scale layouts. 



I know you've made your choice, but it just dawned on me when I looked up at the currently month in one of my PRR calendars in the office that the PRR G5 might make for a closer model with less work.  You could put that trailing booster truck under the rear of the cab. 

Random thought.



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