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From time to time, I will purchase a car or loco that does not have its original box.  Instead, it will arrive in a white (color is irrelevant) corrugated box about  3" wide  by 4" or 5" high and 15" to 20" long.  The box lid folds into the box and makes for a sturdy box which is shipped in a larger shipping box.

Does anyone know of a source of the 3" by 5" by 15" box I described above?



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Ed Kelly posted:

Tony H and Matt,

Uline has a 100 unit minimum

That's is the one problem with Uline despite being the go to source

and I don't know what Grainger is

and Google shows equipment not boxes.

Grainger sells boxes - mailers like Uline - there's a search function on their home page and a navigation bar to the left after you type in boxes and you find

Mailing Carton, White, Inside Width 4", Inside Length 16", Inside Depth 4", 50 PK --> $80.25


I need 6 or 8, maybe 10 boxes.

I know the feeling - I needed 10-15  4" x 4" x 16" boxes, not 50.  BTW, there are sellers of lots of 50 of the Uline style mailers, but then 50 is still a lot.  I tried to get a group pf guys together on a buy of 50 and no one bought in.  Marv at the Strasburg meet used to sell them but he has not shown up there for some time now

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A quick check on google using the zip code in your profile shows any number of cardboard box suppliers within a 30 minute radius.  I'd start local before ordering online, unless you can find a place with the sizes and quantities you need, in the right time frame.  I've had good luck with local suppliers more than once.


If your are really cheap, you can re-cut larger boxes down to that size.

Use one unfolded box as a template guide.

Trader Joes and most food stores have free boxes for the taking.

USPS will give you all the Cardboard Priority Mailing boxes you want, in all different sizes, for Free and ship them to you for free.


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