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I tried a Forum and Google search for these boards and didn't turn up anything so I thought I'd ask here. Does anyone have a source for these boards? Or the 50-1902 upgrade kit (although I am only after the main board). Not panic buying but I would like one or two spare boards for a rather old set of mine that has these - just in case. 

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@Lou1985 posted:

They are obsolete. If you can find a PS32 board with 3V connectors you would be all set. That's the replacement for the PS2 3V board.  

Right, understood. Based on some digging around on this forum, that board appears to MTH part #AE-1000035-3V.

But this doesn't appear to be a completely straightforward swap, quite apart from just getting the board itself.

If I'd taken the possibility of Mike Wolf pulling the plug on his company more seriously a couple of years back, I'd have laid in some stock then (if it was available, of course).

@Alan Mancus posted:

the kits upgrade diesel board upgrade set is still available if its in stock and you can buy directly from MTH 50-1902. order from Midge! the ps 3/2 board are ONLY sold to ASC mth techs par number AE-1000035-3V. and have to be flashed for engine your installing it in and sound file also installed with dcs loader program!


Thanks Alan. That kit is not listed on MTH's parts website (although various ancillary PS2 upgrade parts are) and I guess if they have it I have to call to find out. Only ever spoken to Midge once and that was years ago.

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