Sources for pinstriping for roads?

I am finally making some paved roads and looking for size and source for the line stripes. I had 900 results from NAPA and couldn't sort by color or single, double stripes.


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When I was looking for the same stuff a few months ago, the "collective" recommended these... I picked them up on Amazon:

I've only used the single white line for some parking spaces so far and it looks great.



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On my roads I used cheap yellow or white electrical tape. I new I would never be able to put a thin stripe straight for three feet. So I put down wide tape and used a long straight edge and X-ACTO knife to cut out what I didn't want. You could stretch pin stripe straight put then it shrinks back after awhile and comes loose. Any way thats what I did.



If you have not painted your roads yet an alternative is to paint the center area the color you want for the stripes. Purchase some artist pin striping (Hobby Lobby, Michael's etc) in the width you want. Place the tape where you want the stripe color to show then simply paint over it your road color.



A great source is from a small company called Red Lion Train Depot.   I purchased highway lines etc from them at York a few years ago.   They have a facebook page with contact info and photos of their products.   They are also on Ebay-search for their name or 1/48 highway lines and their products will show up.   I purchased the highway lines in a roll and then just cut to the length I needed.   It is peel and stick and the lines are available in both yellow and white depending on what time frame you model.   They also have other pavement markings such as SLOW or STOP and also parking lot lines.  I added a couple of photos of my module used for our club displays.   Shows a couple of their products I used-sorry for the dark photos-my flash quit working.






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I also just added paved roadway to my layout, I found paint pens at Hobby Lobby and did freehand stripes. I used the same paint pens for parking lot stripes using a machinist combination rule as the straight edge, just need to wipe rule off  periodically.


A ruling pen may also be used. You can vary the width if need be by adjusting the screw that controls the width of the two points. We use Benjamin-Moore Super White paint for ruling white  lines and stripes on roads and parking lots. You will have to thin the paint to the right consistency for the ruling pen. We usually use a straight or curved edge that has a slight offset so that the ruling edge is not flat against the surfacing you are ruling on. The offset edge helps prevent blotches caused by wet paint being drawn under the straightedge by capillary action.

Then there's Woodland (Scenics) Road Striping Pens, Flex Guide, etc...

...the product line of which is available at most well-stocked LHS' ours!   

Which reminds me of how unfortunate it is that Woodland Scenics doesn't participate...with more of our hobby York!!  (Excuse me!....Meets, not 'events'!)   Their broad product line would be better understood, methinks.  I know it's expensive to participate, but they could/should coordinate with, say, Scenic Express, who sells their products, too!  But, probably won't happen.

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