I wanted to update everyone on the South Jersey 30th anniversary club car.  The cars were delivered to us 2 months earlier than anticipated.  Kudos to American Models for the excellent effort to get them to us early.  We are working hard to get the cars that were pre-ordered into the mail ASAP - and hope to have them going out in a week or so.  We've also had a great response to our cars, and supply is now limited.  If you are interested, you can still order them from our website.  We will keep availability status posted there.   http://www.southjerseysgaugers.org/Projects




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My South Jersey 30th anniversary club car arrived today. Looks great just like the picture above, and made in the USA. Thanks, SJSGers!


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My SJSG cars arrived today.  The AM PS2 has been around for about 22 years, so just about everyone should in some way be familiar with them.  These are the scale versions.

One thing for sure, there's a whole lot of red being seen with all three cars lined up:SJSG 30 050919 001

SJSG 30 050919 002

These are very nice cars, no doubt about it.  It's good to see more modern cars being offered as a celebration.  The car with the non-prototypic number blends right in and the 30th Anniversary labeling is also very subtle (Just the way I like it...)

SJSG 30 050919 004

Congratulations to SJSG and thank you for offering these cars.




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I've been so busy packing up cars, I haven't had a chance to put them on our layout yet...  Thanks for the photos!

I got mine today, and they are great. I went straight to work weathering and changing out couplers.  One down and one to go.



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Update to the update....  we've sold most of our inventory of our 30th anniversary celebratory club car - we have less than 2 dozen cars left, and only 3 of our SJSG car #78919.  If you have a notion of picking up a car, best to get an order in soon 

You can find our more details, and download an order form at: http://www.southjerseysgaugers.org/Projects

And thanks to everyone who've supported our club in celebrating our 30th year promoting S-Gauge model railroading!

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