Let's keep it 'sane' and post some good photos of your SR equipment..
Forum member Bruce Clouette painted this new Weaver baggage car for us and is working on a matching MTH Express Mail car to go with it. He is one of the many talented fellas here on the Forum!
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C. Sam,

Who makes the Crescent Limited pacific in your photo?

That's the MTH model from 2003 or so. Of the three Premiere MTH steamers we have, this one has the best whistle - sounds rich and full, quite unlike the ones in the other two 'big' steamers...

Johnny, that's an interesting Hudson - have never seen that one before!
Originally posted by Dewey Trogdon:
Nice photos guys. Smile
Pretty as it gets--The Crescent Limited's #1396 poised in rural Mebane[Lionel's version of the Ps-4??].
The Depot and Section Car Shed---so typical of the creative hand of Vulcan.

It's K-line, Dewey. Semi-Scale. Smile
Both K-Line and Lionel painted their Southern Ps-4s with an accurate green cab roof. Although I guessed wrong between K or L, I knew it was not an MTH version which had incorrect red cab roofs. One exception is my MTH #1396 which was sent to me with a correct green cab roof as a result of some research work I did for them in the early days.

A&Y RY[NC's Southern/N&W connector].

I have a SRR protoype question.
Anyone have any more photos or information about R-3 Rail Wear test Car?

A shot of the train car behind it would be great. If anyone knows the make/ model /year of the truck that would be great too.

It looks to me that the truck is connected to the train car by wire but not actually coupled together. Any one know for sure?

Oh these were great looking engines to model,but I've ran this one and it was horrible Eek Loud as I'll get out Big Grin

I had the NS 5035 (former Southern)on the head of 150 loads of coal this past Friday.There was a former N&W SD-40-2 6100 behind it.The 5035 almost got me standed on the mainline.It kept kicking the governor button and the low water button.
Problem ended up being air built up in the low water button box.I bleed the air out and off we went.
So the ole girls keep marching on making money for the NS.

Collin "The Eastern Kentucky & Ohio R.R."

Ater looking for my files I had backuped to my portable harddrive I can now add my photo's to the thread so enjoy!!

K-Line Southern 4501 Storms into Mossville (Jerry Moss Layout)

4501 Loads her tender with coal to ready heeself for a full day of Steam Excursions

4501 arounds an s curve as she passes on a photo runbye at the Mossville Depot

Southern Quarter Master job from Huntersville arrives in Charlotte yard with the Traveling Box car.

Quarter Master Job pulls into the lead track at Charlotte

The Southern Crescent Limited and the Carolina Special wait there turn to depart Southbound from Charlotte.

lionel Southern Ps-4 #1396

Lionel Southern Ts-1 #1491

Southern Ps-4 and Ts-1 eyeball a stranger in there group as A.T.S.F. Hudson #3447 pay a visit into town. This is my Dad Santa Fe warhorse with Lionel Line Madison Cars.


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