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Stall first—-used new to me, diesel-runs great-but doesn’t like two of my MTH Turnouts-goes over the rest including the one between the two with no issues. Very odd, and no other engines stall. Suggestions?

 Sparks—a different used new to me diesel-has three locations where the wheels spark on the track. This causes a glitch in the sound and a little shudder. There are occasional random sparks from other engines seems like normal SOP. This is odd. Suggestions?

FEAR - My wife asked how many trains I have, so I started counting cars. She wanted to make a computer spreadsheet for me so I would have a record. Translation: “I want to track your spending on trains.” I had to actually start a conversation and talk to her to change the subject because I buy used, and the math of train cars at $25 each times the number of cars=Train wreck.  And my wonderful wife is frugal, just so she can say she’s frugal 😆

Shes so tight with money that I have to tell her the jewelry I’ve been buying her, these last 30 years -30 years🤪-yes 30 costs less than I actually paid because she’d return it complaining-yes complaining-it’s too much.

You can’t control who you love and you can’t love who you control. But man, some days it might be nice to try🤪.

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I'm opposed to this “wasting money” terminology.  

If an individual wants to exchange the money for the activity, goods or services-then it’s not a waste. 

And since value is subjective, the premise of waste is only a third party observation

Since money is a tool, and can be used to attain happiness-however fleeting; I’d rather enjoy a wife who spent it, beats one who seeks to impose her pointless frugality on me  

Because you only live once, and as the song says

I may be going to **** in a bucket

But at least I’m enjoying the ride😁



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