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I just picked up a new 30-21096-1 Alco 628.  Put it on the track, it was found, it started.  When I advance to speed step one, the loco will speed up to the max speed.  When I back off to 0, it slams to a stop.  Just asking if there is anything to check before sending it back.  Thanks.


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@Alan Mancus posted:

the speed electronics has failed mail it back to whom you bought it from, if the flywheel tach tape fell off it would run runaway speed. if you know how to take the cover off without damaging it you can check!


Actually, this is exactly what happens if the tach sensor is not reading the stripes.  As soon as you crack the throttle, it takes off at full speed at any speed step.  If you bring the speed back to zero or press the DIR button, it will stop.

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