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Need HELP.....

I have a HO 80-2244-1 Reading SD70ACe and a HO 80-2269-1 Lackawanna SD70ACe in Proto 3. The Reading will speed match any other DCC engine we have in 14-28-128 step. The Lackawanna takes off like a cat shot in the *** no matter what speed step. I have tried changing the Lackawanna speed CV 53 from 0 all the way up to 225, I even changed the Reading to match. But no matter what I do, the Lackawanna will not speed match anything. 

Anyone care to take a crack at it, anyone know how to speed match using a DCC system. I have a MRC Prodigy Elite 10 amp.

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There might be something physically wrong with your loco. I'm not exactly sure of how the DCC decoder in the MTH loco operates the loco since its primary Protosound hardware is what MTH wants you to use. It may be that the tach reader on the loco is bad and the board cant get the motor feedback setting and it just takes off

Yeah, that's pretty weird. All of my O-scale MTH engines are perfectly speed matched out of the box on DCC. They do use the tach reader in DCC mode. There is an option to disable it and run in 'pwm' mode, which as far as I can tell, is basically open-loop control. This could cause some pretty bad speed regulation. Maybe that got set somehow?

Check mechanicals, tach reader, etc. like Matt suggested.

I did have one of them with a lighting oddity that I fixed by doing the master reset on it (documented in the MTH manuals). Maybe try that?

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