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Rich, would you please consider adding a forum for sponsors.  Each sponsor would have a thread with a link to its website and possibly a short description of the type of merchandise and/or services offered. The thread would  be "locked" by you to prevent additional postings.  The reason for this request would be so that forum members would have easy access to a directory of the sponsors and not have to page through or wait for a particular sponsor to appear in the banner. Thank you for your consideration of this request. Frank

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Hi Frank....


While the idea sounds great,  I have explained in an earlier post why we are not going to go this route as Marty mentions above. 


Currently, all forum sponsors have the ability to start their own threads within which they can post all of the things you have suggested. 


What we may do is list the sponsors that have banner ads so that one knows to look for them as they refresh the page or go to other pages on the forum.  Eventually there may be a need for a redesign as far as page layout and at that time, once we have filled all available spots, we may consider an all inclusive index.


Thanks for your suggestion...



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