I have most of the wiring in place and am thinking that I would like to have local panels/controls for switches and block controls.  Any recommendations for the physical pieces, i.e. SPST on/off and SPDT momentary switches?




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RoyBoy posted:

Use the full size ones rather than the miniature ones. The miniature ones break too easily.

The miniature switches last very long on guitars and get more use than on a train layout. Why would you make a statement like this? 


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Tim, it depends on what style that you like and what you would like the control to look like. Rocker, button, lever, round rocker, rectangle button...

Have you seen any panels that you like?

Indicator lamps for switch position can make the panel more complex to wire. But, not impossible. 

Are you thinking of a track diagram type or just a labeled type?

I would say that all of the factors will determine which form of switch that is needed. Perhaps two styles.

Then, we can help with sourcing the switches.


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Oh boy, more to think about!  Thanks for the replies.

I am leaning towards a few small 'local' panels for the turnouts and accessories and maybe one larger panel for the power blocks (I'll probably run command most of the time).  At first I was just going to mount the S Helper turnout controls on the temporary fascia but I'm concerned about the levers being sticking out too far and being damaged.


I have used several sizes.  The only ones that broke were the mini ones and only due to my ham fist.  Out of 100 mini toggles I destroyed two.  I generally use the full size conventional ones.

My mini toggles get a lot of use and no failure once mounted.

I do have a dozen brand new spdt momentary (on) full size toggles that need a loving home.

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I use the full size 10 watt toggle switches which may be over kill but are easier for me to work with. SPST on/off to turn power on/off to track sidings and SPDT momentary (center off) for turnout switches.

I had a bunch of Atlas 205 SPST modules I kept for lights.

Control Board [1)Control Board [2)

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Joe Fauty posted:


I use the full size 10 watt toggle switches ...snip...

I think that you mean 10 AMP.

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