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anyone else besides me view these cameras? first camera 1 was down now camera 2 is down also so I wonder are these cameras owned and operated by the union depot or a third party that owns and operates them on a website.

all I know it seems these cameras are prone to be down more than working especially camera 1

thanks for any helpful replies


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Thanks Ray, hope they get them both fixed soon. It's fun to watch the Builder come in. I always liked camera one better for some reason, but camera two is really the one with the most action with its view of the wye.

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Thanks for the info.  I never knew about them.  I think the Twin Cities area has some interesting railroading.

I agree Tom, and that's why I model it.

BIG BOY 4005  I tried texting you via spouse cell has the number changed since we last met in Flagstaff,az?

the years are clouding my memory but tell me if I'm wrong! the old airport is on south side of Mississippi river and depot is to the west?

I am hoping they get better cameras and streaming so the picture we see is more fluid.

I usually wake up early and do chores first thus I miss the morning empire builder!


NUMBER 90  I had created a reply to your post but it wound up in cyber space!!

the division street wye is where camera 2 resides and you can view both mainlines as well as  the other 2 legs of the wye both going to or from the StPaul union depot area.  early morning from sunrise is kind of hard as sun is glaring into camera's lens!  in the middle of the wye great northern used to have a small 2 door diesel building they kept passenger aba f3 diesels there in case the empire builder had a broken unit they would swap the bad unit/s out.

camera 1 is on think on the west side of depot and gives the view of the empire builder as well as freight traffic heading west or east and it also shows the very old lift bridge  that union pacific uses to cross the mississippi river to gain access to a yard on south side of the river.

heading east away from division street wye are the remnants of the Burlington yards also the Chicago northwestern and the Milwaukee road engine service area and still standing roundhouse.

if you use google earth there is an old swing bridge still in operation south of the old airport on south side of the mississippi river it is another way for union pacific to gain access to the yard as they do from the depot bridge.

 many eons ago the rock island actually was on that side of the river as my mother would talk of steam engines shaking her childhood home back in the 1930's.

there is a walking area where you can park and walk to where the swing bridge is and I was able to get within a block of it and was lucky to watch two up freights cross it!

hope this information helps identify areas you can watch I miss these cameras as they are my link to a childhood of many decades ago I can remember the switch towers and all the metal rods that moved the switch points ahhh those were the days when you could walk around and as long as we stayed out of harms way no one told us to leave a more simpler time then!


This is a video I picked up some  years ago - of interest to me, having grown up in the Twin Cities area. Great video, featuring action from the 70s, primarily. That was an amazing assortment of famous passenger trains that came in and out of the Cities - Burlington Zephyr, CNW 400, Milwaukee Hiawatha, Empire Builder, North Coast Limited, RI Rocket. 

Every time I go back I try to take in what is now the Canadian Pacific yard just downriver from downtown St. Paul, the old Pig's Eye yard. Lots always going on there. Repair shops, hump yard, even an active turntable. I've seen a lot of Soo Line and even some (mostly unrepainted) Milwaukee engines in there over the years, among others.

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