Grampstrains posted:
hclarke posted:

does anyone know where I could get stakes for a Lionel flatcar 6-17576?




Those are Standard "O" flatcars     Stakes are part # 600-9823-007.   Trainz has them on ebay for $2.50 a dozen plus shipping

No. Those are the stakes for a completely different flat car.

The correct stakes for the Lionel PS-4 Flat Cars are 610-7573-035.

Brasseur's has them for $1 each.


Mike CT posted:

You could probably do stakes, with Plastistrut. Strips and paint.    Used for a different project, Strips are readily available at most hobby stores.   Another source (dimensional bass wood) would be Kappler lumber.

For $1.00 you could make all of the stakes using Plastruct square stock. Thats what I used on my MTH cars. 


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