My next project involves installing an AC Commander on a Lionel Classics 400e with sounds. I have a generic fan operated smoke unit that I want to fit. My understanding is that I need the super chuffer to make the smoke unit chuff with the sounds? Since this is an AC motor unit a tach tape driven conversion will not work to my knowledge. I am assuming the super chuffer will work with the Railsounds Commander and AC Commander in this setup. Anything else I need to watch out for?

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Silence? Am I the only one to convert an AC standard gauge engine to TMCC? How about tips on mounting the smoke unit?

Without seeing it, I can't comment on mounting the smoke unit, having little experience with this locomotive.

However, I can verify that the Super-Chuffer works fine with AC motored locomotives, I've installed it in a number of them.  Obviously, without any flywheel, you won't be able to use the Chuff-Generator, so you'll have to come up with a chuff switch of some type.  If you tap into pin-17 of the R4LC socket (don't know why it was left off the connector), you can send the switch closure to the chuff input of the R4LC and also to the Super-Chuffer.  The sound board gets it's chuff signal from the serial data.

So when wiring the the chuff magnet for the railsounds commander that will be on it's own and then I run a wire from pin 17 to the superchuffer? How do I locate pin 17 correctly? 

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No, you don't connect the chuff switch to the RS Commander!  It gets the chuff via the serial data. Any connection to the chuff on the RS Commander MUST be totally isolated, so you wouldn't have synchronized chuffing.

You connect the chuff switch to ground on one pin and the other pin goes both to the Super-Chuffer and pin-17 of the R4LC.  I connect it to the R4LC socket so you can remove the R4LC, don't solder to the R4LC directly.


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Okay. So the included magnet and reed switch goes to ground and pin 17 and then wire the superchuffer as per the diagram. I think I got it. It is a little confusing for only doing my second big steamer.



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