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Good morning! Soon I'll be moving into a different home that will afford me the opportunity to have a layout 6'x18'.  Through the years... I have collected MTH Standard Gauge Tinplate and O Gauge trains. Im at a point where I either need to come up with a layout that incorporates both...or sell off one of the gauges and stick with just one.  If you have incorprated both and would share some photos, ideas and lessons learned...I would be extremely grateful.

Thanks you!


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Well, you could build yourself some 5 rail track using tubular rail.  I had some that I gave a friend who is in the process of building his new layout to run a loop of standard gauge and o- gauge.  There are no switches or cross overs however, I think a crossover could be engineered with a little effort.  Check with USA track.  They may be able to sell you everything you need to build your own 5 rail.  It may be a little more pricey than other brands however, the quality of the rail product is far better.  I used some, not all, USA track on my modular standard gauge layout and have had some problems with the other vendors track especially when I am set up outside in the sun for a couple of hours.

I'm surprised you haven't any response with photos yet. But if you go to the Photo Album forum (under miscellaneous), and look at the weekend tinplate photo thread, you will see many examples. Most guys just run a loop of standard gauge outside a loop of O gauge. The accessories are not all to the same scale anyway.

Here are a few pics of my Prewar Toy Train table. The table is all vintage Lionel track and switches. The outside loop is O72. Followed by a Standard track loop to accommodate two trains. Inside is O gauge loops that can run either two smaller circles or one loop. My table is 7x12.

Hope this helps. Bottom line this is your table/layout. Have fun. Be happy with what you build. Everyone has different interests, skills, space availability, time and money to devote to this.





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Congrats on getting space. Two years ago I was running multi-gauge on my 9 by 9 layout. I joined a club and got to build out on a 8 by 10 table. This past October they allowed me to expand it out another 9ft into another room.

To quote Spock from Star Trek 2 "His pattern indicates 2 dimensional thinking." I encourage you to think and design in three dimensions.  Build up as well as out. This video starts out in the new addition which I am still working on. I can run 8 trains at the same time. I have 2 multi-gauge tracks that can run O or Standard. I have 3 tracks that are Standard only and 3 tracks that are O-Gauge only.

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My layout features a 72 inch radius of standard gauge, with 1 straight section in the middle of the curve, then a 72 inch radius of O gauge, then 54 inch radius of O gauge, and finally a smaller dog-bone shaped loop of O gauge.  Layout measures 8 by 20

Here is an image, from when I was laying down the track, with 3 loops finished.

Here is a view with all of the loops in place.



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