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The pictures below show my current project a standard gauge diner being built from a junk 300 series observation.

The first picture shows the basic plot  and the second AND THIRD show the progress to date on the painting of the diner. I still have lots more to go, fitting the observation railing, making end door and ordering the side doors, installing lights, wiring and then doing the final mounting of the diner to the base.


Diner scenic baseDiner in progressImage2 [505756]


Images (3)
  • Diner scenic base
  • Diner in progress
  • Image2 [505756]
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Attached are some more pictures of my progress. It’s almost done but I still have to order doors and I’m going to make the end door and the interior ones. I think it came out pretty god for starting out as a junk box car. The most expensive part here were the two lamp posts ( $15.00 at a train show) and everything else was stuff I had or made. Someone asked where I got the stairs, I made them from a 1x4 with my router and the sides are small pieces of lattice.

lighted dinerend viewImage3 [768133]Image2 [768121]Image2


Images (5)
  • lighted diner
  • end view
  • Image3 [768133]
  • Image2 [768121]
  • Image2

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