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I have seen several questions, requests, etc. on Standard Gauge GG1's throughout the years on this forum.  There are several good one's: JAD, Gold and a few custom one's.  Too make a long story short: I am putting up quite a significant amount of my collection (75% of it) up for auction at New England Toy Train Exchange.  And one of those items is a full JAD GG1 set (GG1 in standard gauge plus heavyweight cars).  I'm also putting up some nice items from Jim Cohen, Pride Lines, Lionel and MTH.  


I'd check NETTE's website and live auctioneers as there is another standard gauge collection coming up at NETTE at the same time as mine with some other VERY rare items like McKeen trolleys and the like.  If this is the stuff you guys want, I'd recommend tuning in soon.  Check out Live Auctioneers or NETTE's website.  Oct. 15 and Nov. 15th of 2012.   Yes, I know usually this should get posted in the "for sale" area however I'm not listing any specific items for sale directly from me.  I can post a pic or two if anyone is interested.






PS Also selling two Buddy L sets as well.

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Congrats on the sale of your collection.
Please let us know the auction date.
Would enjoy the opportunity to browse your offerings.


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