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All standard gauge enthusiasts are invited to attend the Standard Gauge Module Association breakfast this coming Friday (4/12/2019).  We meet at the York Fairgrounds restaurant between 0730 and 0900.  The food is awful, but the show and tell is great!  Bring your favorite or most unusual standard gauge train, and join the fun.  (Neither SGMA or TCA membership is required to attend.)

Kirk Lindvig


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I had a great time at both events, i,e,, the SGMA breakfast and dinner.  I particularly liked seeing many of the original SGMA members who I hadn't seen in several years!  IMHO SGMA needs to schedule both events at every York meet!

Bob Nelson

PS.  I thought the food at both venues was great!

Here are a few photos I took at the SGMA breakfast.   Most are of Jim Waterman and his fantastic and recent Standard Gauge locomotives and passenger car creations.  (Jim, Please add your comments on what you made.)

IMG_1515 [1)

IMG_1516 [1)

IMG_1517 [1)

IMG_1518 [1)

I have forgotten who made this bipolar but I want one!


Past President Kirk filled in for SGMA's current but absent President who had to leave York early in order to finish selling his house.

IMG_1527 [2)

I thought the food was GREAT!

IMG_1525 [1)

Bob Nelson

PS.  Hopefully I will make it to the Fall show where I can display some of the Olympian Hiawatha cars that Jim Waterman is currently building for me.


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Bob - thanks for the plug. My builds were the 4-6-6-4 '800E', the Pennsy and Southern passenger cars, and the PRR E6 3d printed 4-4-2 on a 392E frame and drive.  The B&O  2-4-4-4  and 4-6-2 and steeple cab electric were done by Norm Beaver, our master craftsman and fellow SGMA friend. The wonderful 3 car interurban set behind the PRR cars was custom detailed and painted by Dave Wallace using Pride Lines Voltamp type units.

The brass O gauge Bipolar was a shell done by Pete Maurer and installed on a Lionel GG1 frame.

I'll post some more photos soon. Lots more neat stuff showed up.


Jim Waterman

Lee Lines Limited

Custom Built Standard Gauge


Thanks to Bob and Jim for all of the great photos.  We have come a long way since Jim Kelly-Evans and I started the SGMA back in 2005.  I like to think we have introduced hundreds of thousands of people to the fun of Standard Gauge toy trains, and facilitated friendships among Standard Gauge enthusiasts all over the country.



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