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Yes USA track is a great track. However, it depends on your individual situation. How large is your layout, what’s your budget and what do you have on hand. My prewar (Std & O) layout is 7 x 10. I had accumulated plenty of original Lionel STD track in the past. It was a no brained for me to pick through what I had on hand for the best sections, which was plenty, and use them. I have had no issues with them. As I said it all depends on you.




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Depends on what you're doing.

I, too, am a happy customer of USA Track, but it is intended for use in permanent table-top installations. Note this disclaimer from their web site -

Please note:

This track is not intended as a toy for children, or for the construction of floor layouts.  For best results it should be permanently installed using #6 pan head screws.


In my experience, if you're looking to assemble a temporary floor layout, the very rigid rail-to-tie construction of original Lionel track is best, provided that you can find a sufficient quantity in good or restorable condition.


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