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Need to make track blocks

Keep voltage constant 

parallel universe rules


best way to break connection on realtrax center rail?

I have a few 10" insulated straight tracks 40-1029( not sure how they get 10 inches on that)

Is there another way to isolate the blocks?


I also am running Gargraves, which is cut and dried, as it were.

eliminate center pin, maintain spacing 



By the way...the EXPANSION OF MAINLINE run has commenced...

The right of way owner (wife) has been pacified, well OK  BRIBED

Progress cannot be stopped.

not on my LINE

not on my WATCH 

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hey 1 drummer,

I used 3M professional electric tape wrapped on the center rail contacts of the adjoining tracks to create an isolation point on the RealTrax.

I had to do this on the helix of the layout we are restoring for a museum display to separate the three levels for automated running. The common is the same on all levels.

We also soldered the power feeds to the contacts. This eliminated the lock-ons.




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On Real Trax layouts I snip off the tab.  No tape IMO.  The tab bases make for a great soldering base.

I try to maintain a  .017" expansion gap at all rail ends and jump all joints with either a drop or bonding jumper.

Also I solder a bonding jumper between the  outside rails except when a isolated outside rail is needed.

Just my way not the only way.  Use various color wires for sanity.



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1drummer posted:

the MTH realtrax is the 30 inch lengths, so they are solid rail.

at $9 a piece it cuts into the budget to use the 10" insulated straight tracks 40-1029

I was hoping for a "workaround"

I wouldn't cut solid rail either. It would be a shame to degrade one of those. I don't like the new hollow rail Real Trax. FYI, the insulated tracks really are 5", not 10". The catalog is wrong.

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