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This is my first foray into the  MTH Forum.

A neighbor of mine bought the starter set 30-42151 PRR Freight with Proto Sound  set cataloged in 2012. It has less than 4 hrs run time as his grandson was not interested in using it at all. The loco did go back to MTH for the headlight not working. Paper work stated reset. It is still in the original box and all parts still in their boxes. I have checked eBay and this set isn't  listed at all. I did find  one at Grzyboski's for $289.00. My question  is for a 10 year old set not run for 9 yrs, not checked it to see if it operates, would $ 230.     $ 250 be fair?

He also purchased extra Real Trax including 6 30" sections, 2 042 left and right remote switches,  one still mint in the box, and a 90 degree crossover in the original package. Along with 6 sections each of straight & curve sections. I am thinking $ 150 for the track.

My offer would be $400.00 for all. Is this fair offer?

Thank you for any suggestions or comments.

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