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just another rookie question.I see MTH starter sets come with a control system.would that allow me to run any proto2/3 engine.I see newer versions are due for release later in the year and older ones are quite rare.gettiing back to the question is this control system unique to operating the engine that comes with starter set,similar to a lionchief engine. model I am looking at is MTH30-4244

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thanks for the in theory once I hook up dcs explorer i can run all proto2/3 engines,with my phone.sorry for these questions.I am kind of new to command engines and right now use tmcc.grandson has legacy.old  guy used to transformer the way i love command engines.I even have lionel powermaster that lets me run conventional mpc era stuff with cab-1

You need to be more specific on which starter set?  Brand New model year, or vintage starter set that where never sold or opened?

MTH used several types of remotes.  Some just IR control of track voltage and conventional only.  Some IR command controlled for a single engine on factory reset ID.  Now the new explorer set up.

Any MTH PS-2 or PS-3 can be controlled conventionally or DCS.

But not all older controllers where DCS based.  G

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