Well I've kinda started construction of my new layout. I 1st added a section to my main control panel so that I can add a couple of Terminal blocks, an  A.I.U., etc.

2nd photo shows a small addition in order to accommodate the 120" radius curves.

The 3rd & 4th photos show the continuation of what will be a second level.

5th photo shows some of the table tops painted in order to seal the wood.

Starting to build 5

Starting to build 2

Starting to build 1

Starting to build 3

Starting to build 4



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Looking good. A little bit at time that's all that has to be done. A lot nice space you have there to work with, what kind of track and switches you going with- don't remember what you had up on the lay out be for. Thanks for sharing


Put on some background music, whatever motivates you. Take your time and take breaks. Make it fun for you!

 I dread tearing out my layout and have been thinking about starting soon. I've put it off for some time now. It will mark the end of G scale in the basement. I need to look forward at a clean slate like you have there!

" on Sour mash and cheap wine " ??

Why go back to DCC when I have DCS!

Been off OGR for a while to do other fun things, but I will catch up with your progress now and then.  I like to read how you attack the project and will be especially interested in your detailing scenery techniques and how you do the vegetation that seems to mystify me.  I have a mental block no matter how many videos I watch.  Thanks for updating your progress.

J.Daddy;the walls are already painted blue. I'm not going to paint the ceiling. I have forced hot air in the house & the runs hang below the rafters in a few places & I really don't want to paint them.

Hudson J1e; I went with 120 radius for just 1 loop. I want to be able to run anything that comes out. About a year ago I purchased a turbo train & could not run it on my Ross 072's & I swore that wouldn't happen again.


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