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Tore down layout and starting over. This is what I have purchased over the years and how I run my trains: TMCC/Conventional/PS2 via MTH Explorer/Legacy PowerMaster/MRC Pure Power Dual Transformer/Lionel 135 PH/Power Shield PSX-1 circuit protection. All this connected at different times during my layout upgrade and expansion. Now, I'm starting over. Where do I begin? How do I include all the above? Should I include all of the above? Your suggestions would be very helpful.

Layout size: 5 feet wide by 11 feet long, 30 inches high and access on 3 sides only

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The link below should give you a starting point. Obviously, the DCS Explorer has certain limitations, whereas going to a full DCS system would allow you to integrate TMCC/Legacy operation.

You should also consider purchasing one of the DCS companion books which provides detailed explanations and diagrams on how to hook everything up.

Before you start buying things and hooking them up, you need to answer a basic question:   

What problem(s) are you trying to solve?

What are you trying to do or make happen?



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