Static Grass Questions . . .

I have only recently heard of this stuff. It seems very nice, but . . .


1/ The Applicators are foolishly expensive????? How many are making their own?

2/ What happens when my cat walks on the grass?? ( It's gonn'a happen!)

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The static grass is awesome. We use the Noch applicator. It will flatten down a bit if your cat walks on it. Obviously the longer the grass, the easier it is to flatten. Use longer grass up close and shorter grass in the distance to create a look of depth. Mix colors, lengths, and you can go back later to add more.

We also use the Noch tacky glue. Im sure people use cheaper glue and applicators, but I dont cut corners on my engines or cars, so a few extra bucks on scenery supplies is not going to break the bank.


Originally Posted by MaxSouthOz:

There is an Australian applicator available which retails for less than A$40.00.  (Twenty bucks in real money). 


I don't understand the second question.



 In reverse order...


Got cats?  Your static grass effort will be mashed.  Sorry.  Not made to be walked on by 1:1 felines or 1:48 folks, cows, etc.


Re applicator and its expense...  The Noch was first.  As is the case with most leading technologies, the price is tough to swallow.  Then the RE's (Reverse Engineers) take it apart and take competitive action (proprietary claims notwithstanding).  And, so, about 5+ years ago I pulled an article from the Ztrains website (not sure it's still around) on making your own GRASSINATOR!


The heart of this inexpensive make-it-yourself gadget was a 12vDC negative ion generator module....then available from an Australian supplier.  Other Hi-Tech elements () such as PVC drainpipe/cap, a Rubbermaid dish/cover, a chunk of aluminum window screen, a couple of switches, a 12vDC wall wart power supply, a handful of spade lug terminals, etc., etc.....and about an hour's worth of work....  Voila!  A GRASSINATOR!  And it works just fine.  Cost?...about $32 materials. 


Well, since then others have come up with static grass applicators in the lower cost realm.  We (LHS) now purvey one from Micromark, their item #85305....


Micromark Static Grass Applicator Link


...which is in the same cost/price ballpark as the Grassinator I made from the article.  We've sold several of the Grass Tech complaints.


In fact, the ONLY problem I ever encountered with my Grassinator was because of ME!  I did everything I thought...only to have all of my static grass lying down, as if freshly mowed!!!!  Problem?....I forgot to turn the highly technical/complicated electrical switch from 'Off' to 'On'! 


Of course, just as there's a market for Cadillac CTS-V Sedans and Chevrolet Sparks....both automobiles that get you from here to there...there's a market for the gamut of static grass applicators.  And, as always, TEHO...whatever floats your boat the best, I say.





Originally Posted by dkdkrd: 

Well, since then others have come up with static grass applicators in the lower cost realm.  We (LHS) now purvey one from Micromark, their item #85305....


Micromark Static Grass Applicator Link


Now THAT's interesting...


This is the Micromark item:



Now, here is the famous Harbor Freight electronic flyswatter ($3.95 most of the time):


FullSizeRender 3


Notice anything suspicious?  


Detailed instructions for converting the latter into the former are readily available on-line.  (Hint: the strainer is available at the dollar store).


Just sayin'...




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If you want really good looking scenery, static grass is a must. It adds a very realistic element to otherwise boring plain ground foam. Like weathering, it's about having a few different textures as well as colors. What's nice about having an applicator, is you can make your own tufts as well. The tufts alone are quite expensive if you buy them pre packaged. Look around YouTube and you will find some very cool ideas


Remember: Like most things, you get what you pay for. If you use different lengths static grass, 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, etc, it's best to have the different size screens for your applicator. The fine mesh screen doesn't work very well with 6mm or longer grass.


You can always throw it up for sale when you're done with it too

Many thanks for the replies. I have indeed been very impressed with the appearance of static grass on the videos I've seen.

Many thanks for the Micro-Mark link! They will ship to Canada at very reasonable expense!

Any idea as to which lengths of grass that strainer would work well with?

I will have to see how successful I am in keeping my "1:1" feline off the stuff!

There are many static grass videos on YouTube. The Noch is not a rip off at all. With the different screens it comes with, and the cone shaped tip, they are all very useful depending on what size grass you're using, how much you're puttin down, and what areas you're trying to put it in.

You can ways turn around and sell it used, there's a ton of people who would be happy to pay less than full price for it. I highly reccommend it.

For cat control, I rely on the following:

Fill it with plain water and a few drops dish washing detergent.  With the adjustable spray nozzle, it not only works good for cat control, but it is also very useful for ballasting and general scenery applications. 




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