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I bought a static grass system a couple of years ago and love it. There are many colors and lengths you can choose from so the possibilities are endless. Scenic Express carries them with all the supplies. I looked at them for years and finally bought one. So glad I did. DonDSC_6314


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I, too Don, wanted one for years and didn't buy one till last year.    It does produce some really cool results that I don't think I could have produced any other way....    Managed to pick one up here on the forum used, and it came with quite a supply of grasses different colors, different lengths.   

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Jeff, I have one of the more expensive ones but that doesn't mean it's the best. All I know is it works much better and easier than I expected. It's the Noch Grass-Master. I don't use their glue, just use water down Elmer's glue, cheaper and just as good. When you get it just take a piece of plywood or foam core and practice. Try different colors and lengths . I usually mix my colors for a natural look. As you can see from Chris's fine work he used areas that are all dried grass, then some with a little green. It's really fun because is so easy to get good results. Don

scale rail posted:

One more thing Jeff, I think a lot of people like Chris and I waited because of the cost of the applicator. It seems like a lot of money for a simple device. Don't think of it as spending too much. The results are worth the money. Don411pxT53j3L

They all seem to be expensive   On the other hand though, I bought some beautiful pre-made grasses at York from scenic express (I forget the maker, some guy's name, I'll add it here later), but those are $12 per package, so the applicator price isn't so bad considering.  

Rick R posted:

I use static grass and really like it. Bought all from scenic express .I use 6 mm the most. Also made my own applicator by watching many youtube video 

I bought the Noch, but I also made my own. Honestly, I like my cheap version better. I think it provides a better static charge and makes the grass really stand up.


This is 8mm grass. The area in the foreground was done with the Noch. The area on the other side of the nail was done with my homemade unit. My wife said the Noch side looked like mown hay.


Here you have the two test areas. Homemade on the left.



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The glue is extremely important.  I ended up mixing white glue, carpenters glue and water  roughly 2 parts glue to 1 part water,  and I also wait about  5  minutes before applying the grass, the tack of the glue tends to increase with a little time exposed to the air, but too long isn't good either... 

The other must in my experience has been using a small shop vac with a 1 inch hose and a small piece of cloth over the end of the hose to stand the grass up, and pull up the pieces not adhered.  I usually let it set up for at least an hour, preferably longer,  before going near it with the vacuum.   By using thin piece of cotton or panty hose or something over the end of the suction tube you can recycle the static grass fiber.     I have also experimented with using some spray adhesives applied very lightly to add second coats of static grass.    

There are some good Youtube videos for both applying the grass, and also for making your own applicator...

Here's the video I watched to build mine, but they're all pretty much the same.

Don and Chris, I didn't really do anything special with the glue. I just put down some straight white glue, and gave it a couple quick sprays of water, then spread it with a crappy paint brush. I like that small amount of water for a couple reasons. First, it makes the glue spread a little smoother, and second the extra moisture may help with the electrical conductivity. Remember, we need a ground path to to complete the "static circuit".

As far as how to apply static grass, this was my how to video of choice. He's a bit long winded on the front end, but when he does the demo, he has nice technique.

When it comes to layering, I didn't use the spray bottle like he did, because he's right, when you put a white glue mixture in it, you really have to clean it well or it'll never work again. I just used the same paint brush, that had been soaking in water, knocked off the excess water, and dabbed the glue right on top of the partially dried previous layer. The new longer material stuck just fine, and looked great.

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