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@Mark V. Spadaro I'm not convinced that the issue is a bad speaker.  Also, (if possible) have you tried reloading the sound file or engine reset?  Something could be corrupted.

Another possibility would be a bad audio board.

A longer clip of the sound may be helpful.

Would you also please include the make/model number of the locomotive?

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RK 30-2643-1 Western Maryland VO 1000 3v PS2, with BCR2, from 2005. This engine is new to me, bought used from a reliable forum member. A longer run of the sound really isn’t helpful, as the static is lost in the background diesel startup and running sounds. Don’t have the ability to reload the sound file, so, no, that hasn’t been attempted. And, as I mentioned, my big concern is this impending failure of the sound board?

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