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Wow, sawdust43 your model of the Lionel 115 station is AMAZING!  Wonderful craftsmanship and ability to capture the details.  Great work.  pd your work on the "parlor flats" depot is also really neat.  I am afraid I am rather "ham handed" when it comes to this sort of modeling.  Great work to you both.

Here are some scenes from my layout.  Here are the commuters waiting for their train to the City.  Just a humble Plasticville station platform that I have used along with the prewar Lionel Suburban station #127 from 1923-36.

layout scene 3 commuters

Here is the suburban station in its location in "Small Town", the town center of which is located just outside of the Savannah, Ga wharf's and port.

Layout Small Town Center

The main station, is the Lionel #115 Depot with extra platforms also from Lionel.  It sits inside the Savannah City Center (in my imagination) and hosts many trains a day to the North and South.  It also sees the passing of numerous freight trains to and from the busy port. Below is a Konrad Dressler locomotive made in the early 50's in "The U.S. zone" , Germany (and so marked).  The cars are Mettoy made in the UK also in the 50's , except for the blue jaguar payload which is mine and just happened to be a convenient size.

Dressler -Mettoy Ltd freight front-side view

I know I am a day late...its Sunday, but I just discovered this thread and very much enjoyed everyone's pictures.

Best Regards



Images (3)
  • layout scene 3 commuters
  • Dressler Loco and train
  • Dressler -Mettoy Ltd freight front-side view

Patsburg's Union Station serves B&O, Pennsy, N&W, Reading Co.,  and Western Maryland. IMG_7621

B&O passenger train is stopped at the station. fullsizeoutput_1dd

Passengers wait for the next train. IMG_7662

A freight train rumbles by the station.   A cab full of passengers arrives at the station. It will also depart the station with passengers bound for downtown Patsburg.  IMG_7622


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  • fullsizeoutput_1dd
  • IMG_7662
  • IMG_7622
  • IMG_7621

Well here are some of the stations on the Leonardtown and Savannah...

The workers on the wharf area, begin to board public transportation to take them to the central depot for the train ride home.

trolley 2

Maintenance at the freight station takes some time for some quick and needed repairs to the "necessary" in the back yard.

Williams GE 44 ton freight station stop

Best wishes everyone for a good weekend.



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  • Port scene 1
  • Williams GE 44 ton freight station stop

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