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I just purchased a Norfolk & Western 18" StationSounds Diner #1018 (item # 1927190).  The diner will not remember the Legacy ID when the power is removed from the track. 

My usual method for programming a legacy ID is to 1. remove power from track 2. switch to "PGM" mode 3. restore power to track 4. set ID with Cab2 5. remove power from track 6. switch to "RUN" mode and operate.  This method did not work because the power is cycled between PGM and RUN.

I tried a slightly different method because I can reach the PGM/RUN switch without removing the car from the track.  This method was 1. switch to "PGM" mode 2. set ID with Cab2 3. switch to "RUN" mode and operate.  This method worked to set the ID, BUT once I cut power to the track, it loses the ID (and doesn't seem to recognize any ID, even the default 1).

Any ideas or do I need to start the return process to my dealer?

Any know of any similar issues with StationSounds Diners?  I know the Legacy Alco PAs had a similar issue (2019 timeframe if I remember correctly).



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Um, a couple of things:

1.  I might be misreading but I don't follow your ID setting sequences. The manual for this car spells out the standard approach shown below:


Do you hear the audio cue? Also you only cycle power on at the start. I appreciate that this means reaching under the car to revert to "RUN" but I think that if you have heard the cue the ID has been set.

2.  I have a couple of Legacy StationSounds diners and have not had problems setting the ID. One of these cars was partly defective because a board was shorted as the result of a wire pinched at the factory. So the RCDR was bad but after being replaced under warranty it worked correctly and has ever since. Yes, there was the 2019 fiasco about certain diesel engines not being able to keep an ID AND I have one steamer from that period that has the same problem. So it's a known issue but I have not heard of it affecting sound control boards.


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Quick update and request for thoughts on next steps.

I returned the StationSounds diner to the dealer and they sent me a new one (dealer paid shipping both ways).  The trouble is that the new diner is showing the same exact symptoms - it won't remember its Legacy ID once power is removed from the track (I have to set the ID each time).  I'm sure I'm programming the ID per the instructions (I followed them carefully) and I have two other 18" legacy StationSounds Diners (Southern and Polar Express) and each work as they should.

I'm contemplating next steps.

1. Should I return to the dealer and ask for a refund? 2. Should I send to Lionel for warranty repair (I'm expecting they won't cover shipping)?

I know Lionel has its issues with quality - did these diners end up with a bad batch of RCDRs? Or is there a programming problem that can't be fixed?  Has anyone else experienced this symptom?


Try this:  set the CAB2 on the TMCC ID you want the car on, and set the CAB2 to Diesel, TMCC, LRS in the info menu on that ID.   Once setup, get the car into program mode, and hit SET on the CAB2. 

Go back to Run and see if the car responds on the new ID.  If so, then configure the CAB2 to the PASS car selection details and so forth. 


The SET command from the CAB2 is different in TMCC mode and LEGACY mode.  It was a long shot that maybe it would work if I asked the OP to use TMCC mode to set the ID.   I wrote the code for the RCDR and don't recall any limitations; but it may be worth a try anyways.  It is unusual for an RCDR or an RCDR2 to not remember the TMCC ID, so I was thinking maybe it did not "see" the SET command to set the new ID from the CAB2 for some reason. 



I brought my Cab 1 off the shelf, disconnected the legacy system, and installed the old TMCC system.  I got the same result.  Once I set the ID, the car work as it should (albeit limited functionality because TMCC), but whenever I remove the power from the track and then restore power, the car has forgotten its ID.  It won't even respond to a "factory ID" like 1.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Thanks for the update. I am sorry it did not help.  It is a very strange issue.  The TMCC ID is stored in the processor chip, which is clearly working by operating in RUN mode.  The only other thing the comes to mind is maybe the program run switch is not wired up properly.  Guess it is back to the service department.  

I thought the same thing Chuck. If it was wired wrong then it would program in the run position and vice versa correct? That’s not the case. The car takes the program as long as power stays on the track. Once track power is cut the program number is lost. It sounds like a small issue but it’s actually a major issue. If you can’t address the car functions with its number then you’ve just purchased a dummy diner for $200+

I had to replace the RCDR in mine to fix the issue.  When I remove the original RCDR, I found a bare screw holding down the cradle for the RCDR that I think was potentially touching the circuit board.  I put a piece of electrical tape to insulate the cradle screw.  I haven’t had a recurrence of the problem.  I don’t know that it was the screw potentially messing with the RCDR circuits, but can’t rule it out.  Could have just been a bad RCDR.

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