Unbelievable how stupid the common public has become! Looking back, I can't fathom letting my daughter play in such a manner on an obviously oft-used double track mainline!!

What has happened to good sense??


I sent the video around my office- lot's of gasps could be heard....

I titled the email "Stupid is as Stupid does"

That looks like a "family photograph" scenario, most probably set up by that photographer. This is still a common genre in the photographic community, and I do not understand photographers who continue setting up photographs on live rails. Ignorance abounds.

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Maybe certain folks do not care if they or their children are struck,mangled and dead on the scene after being struck by a train, their are two more victims the engineer and conductor in the locomotive who witness this carnage. Railroad's across the country have signs posted that trespassing on their property is illegal, people should start reading these signs, these postings are for their protection!!!  Prior to retiring, I was employed in shop managemnt with a commuter railroad and have scene the results of car being struck by a passenger train after the driver went around around the lowered gates and flashing lights,needless to say, it's a troubling task for first responders who typically are the first to arrive at the scene, the engineer and conductor on the locomotive who witness the incident and the shop personnel who arrive at the scene to inspect the locomotive and passenger cars for damage, I have taken part in these events.

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I'm guessing it's a requirement that if a engineer sees something like this they are reporting it to the dispatchers and if so are the dispatchers reporting it to the local authorities?

We were filming the SP 2472 one morning a few years ago. They were doing a high speed run for the camera. Everyone was told to stay put but this guy at the last minute decided to carry his kid to the other side of the track. The engine was seconds from coming around the curve and the father stumbles and the kid hits his head on the rails. Go figure. Don

colorado hirailer posted:

Was this Amish, Mennonites, or Dunkards in PA., in the long dresses, but not near the Strasburg ,where they probably know what  RR tracks are?

Likely Mennonites.

These senior pictures clients were absolutely horrible to my Railfan photographer friend and I when we took a picture of them in the act of violating the law.

It quickly turned into the scared victim with men taking their pictures and we were stopped not long after by the JeffCo Sheriff and “warned” for disturbing the peace. The Sheriff was also extremely rude to us about taking pictures of minors without consent as apparently the senior picture photog claimed we were “stalking” them and said we harassed them; I will admit to asking them to move from the scene because the “photo line” was back here.... Either way this civil argument went I have this nice iPhone shot of them taken from a public road, Gross Dam Road and with them on UPRR private property. We were chasing an eastbound BNSF Provo Lincoln manifest from East Portal and tried to warn them to get off the tracks and get out of our shot! They also ran from the train as you CANNOT hear it coming around that curve. If one of them tripped... death.

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