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@CAPPilot posted:

I'm looking for input on what type of sanding tower would be appropriate for a late 40s era mid-sized engine yard.  Some pictures of available models, like Weaver's, show them next to a diesel.  Thanks.

You might try a Google search for "sanding towers" or "steam era sand towers", as there is a wealth of information available. Plus, many sanding towers from the steam era, were still being used during the early to mid diesel era.

Lastly, in my opinion, the absolute best looking sand tower for a steam locomotive terminal was produced by Max Gray. I purchased mine off eBay, many years ago, but I believe that American Models (do a Google search for their website) now offers many, many brass, steam era locomotive servicing structures.

Korber Models (mr Muffin's trains) makes a fairly easy to build kit for sanding facility including the drying house and bins and the tower.    I have the orignal Korber kit.      I think it is pretty nice for the steam era.   It looks old enough to be appropriate, but modern enough to last into the transition if  you want.   I built mine and weathered grey.  

Another need for a steam facility is an ash pit.    Crescent Locomotive Works Inc. has a very nice one that includes a pit and an hoist that he sells built up.  

Many of the larger coaling towers also had facilities to load sand into locos.     They must have had sand bins somewhere overhead and hoses to do it.

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